Surviving Oshawa’s Wind Storm

Surviving Oshawa’s Wind Storm

On behalf of Oshawa Power we would like to extend our thanks to the community for their patience this week as the wind storm passed through the city of Oshawa. Although we did have some small isolated power outages, restoration was quick, and our problems were minor. Prevention programs and updating infrastructure is key to our reliability.

Oshawa Power takes reliability very seriously, and is constantly looking for improvements. Our team considers Oshawa’s projected growth and existing infrastructure and makes the plan to replace or rebuild system components before it causes problems for our community. The extensive maintenance programs put in place by Oshawa Power have also resulted in an overall increased reliability. These programs include:  ongoing tree trimming, pole testing, annual switch maintenance, annual infrared scanning, cable replacement, annual oil testing and relay and breaker testing to minimize external issues, as well as daily observations while crews are working. In addition to these preventative measures, our Emergency Preparedness Plan deals with mobilizing and dispatching crews and resources to respond quickly and efficiently when a problem arises.

Our everyday job is to ensure Oshawa has safe, reliable power, communicate with our ratepayers and do it as cost efficiently as possible.  It is storms like this week that challenge our efforts and we are happy to report that we continued to deliver the same service that Oshawa ratepayers have come to rely on.


Ivano Labricciosa

President and CEO

Oshawa Power