Summer Savings: 12 Tips to Help You Save On Energy This Summer

Summer Savings: 12 Tips to Help You Save On Energy This Summer

Summer is upon us! The sun is shining, the grill is ready to go, and our favourite time of the year is here.

With a hot summer ahead of us, we know that summer electricity bills can take some of the fun out of your summer. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you keep your bills manageable and find ways to save on energy all summer long!

Here are 12 of our top energy savings tips to help you keep your cool all summer long:

Let it All Hang Out

Take advantage of the warm weather by hanging your clothes outside to dry. Skipping the dryer and hanging your clothes out on the line can help you save more than 10 percent on your energy bills. As an added bonus, hang drying your clothing can help maintain the integrity of your fabrics and keep your clothes vibrant thanks to the sun’s natural bleaching properties.

Keep it Air Tight

Gaps in the seals of your windows and doors can drive up your energy bills and make your HVAC system work harder than necessary. Home HVAC systems are the largest consumer in most households, making sealing off air leaks an important step to maximizing your home’s efficiency and saving on your summer cooling bills.

Flip the Fan

Did you know that most ceiling fans have different settings for the summer and winter months? Take advantage of the wind chill effect by switching up your fan to rotate counter-clockwise during the warm season. This will create a downdraft, cooling down your room and helping take the burden off your A/C system.

Counter Clockwise Fan

The Price is Right

Our energy habits can change along with the seasons. With the ability to switch between Time-of-Use and Tiered pricing plans, we recommend using MyOshawaPower’s Rate Plan Comparison tool to see if a seasonal pricing plan swap could save you money on your electricity bills.

No Filthy Filters

Keep your air fresh and your HVAC system running smoothly by changing your filter more often in the warmer months. We recommend replacing your filter at least every two months in the spring and summer to maximize efficiency, improve air quality, and help combat seasonal allergies.

Pull the Plug

The cost of phantom (or standby) power can be spooky! With some electronics, phantom power can account for up to 75 percent of their total consumption. Remember to unplug electronics when
you’re finished using them to reduce your home energy use by up to 10 percent.

Unplugging Cord

A Bright Idea

Making the switch to LEDs pays off. While there is an upfront investment, LED lighting can help you save more than 80% on your lighting costs compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. With a per bulb savings of up to $6 per year, this upgrade will pay itself off in under 2 years! Additionally, modern LED bulbs have a rated life of up to 30 years, making bulb replacements a thing of the past!

Throwing Shade

We love basking in the warm summer glow, but letting the sunshine in can warm up your home and cause your HVAC system to work harder. Pulling the shades at night or when you leave home can help keep the inside temperature cool, allowing your A/C unit to take a well earned breather.

Keeping Your Cool

Stepping into the cold A/C on a hot summer day can be relieving, but did you know that over cooling your home can significantly increase your electricity bill? We recommend keeping your home at least a couple degrees above room temperature (21C) all summer to help you save. Remember, each degree above room temperature could save you upwards of 5 percent on your home cooling costs.


Put the Wash on Ice

Setting your washing machine to the cold wash cycle can lead to significant energy savings. On average, switching to cold water can save you up to 60 cents per cycle and upwards of $100 a year! As an added bonus, cold water washing can help keep your clothes in great shape and fight against shrinkage.

Check the Vents

Have you fired up the A/C and found your home has a room that just won’t cool down? Check the vents! Ensure all your vents are open and free from obstruction to get maximum cooling and efficiency out of your home’s A/C unit.

Fire Up the Grill

Everybody loves a summer BBQ, but did you know it can help you save on electricity bills? By getting outside and firing up the grill, you not only save the energy your oven or stovetop would consume, but can also keep your house cooler and give your A/C unit a break.

Charcoal Grill