Our offering

As a trusted community partner for over a century, Oshawa Power is and always has been invested in making Oshawa an attractive city to live, develop, and do business in. Our suite metering solutions enable developers and residents to take complete control of their energy usage, stabilize their energy costs, and find peace of mind with a regulated, reliable, and fair energy partner.

Trend in industry

A solution that benefits all parties, suite metering installations have been on the rise as a simple, cost-effective way to make your building stand out. Contact our team to find out more.


  1. Control Your Energy Costs

    With individual meters for suites and common areas, you can focus on increasing building efficiency.

  2. Turnkey Solution

    We offer a no-cost, ready-to-use solutions without red tape from local utilities, because we are the local utility.

  3. Lower Your Operating Expenses

    Limiting your energy costs to common areas allows you to take steps to drastically reduce your operating expenses.

  4. Better Resident Experience

    Providing transparency and reducing hidden fees for your residents will help build trust and reduce their costs.

  5. Increase Building Value

    Decreased energy costs lead to a better bottom line, increasing the value of your building.

  6. Trusted, Expert Partner

    Powering Oshawa for over 130 years, we are a trusted local partner.

Contact us to learn more.