Oshawa Power Residential Storage Pilot Project

Oshawa Power Residential Storage Pilot Project

System to be Installed for Pilot: 6.6 kW Solar PV System, 5.5 kW Hybrid Inverter, & 10 kWh Battery Storage

To qualify to participate in the residential energy storage pilot, the participant must be the home owner of the residence. The home should have the following characteristics:

  • South, South-west or South-east facing rooftop
  • Ideal roof slope between 3:12 to 8:12 (15-35 degrees)
  • No shading on the roof face where solar modules will be installed
  • Roof shingles less than 5 years old
  • Area required to hold up to 27 solar modules ~ 500-600 square feet
  • Multiple pitches would be acceptable on lower sloped rooftops (i.e. South-east and South-west roof faces with varying area)

The hybrid inverter and battery pack require the following:

[A] Electrical System Requirement:

1. The existing electrical (load or distribution) panel to be modified. A critical load panel to be installed
2. Residential home, grid-tied, single-phase 240V AC

[B] Working Space Requirements for Inverter:

1. Indoors
2. Working space required from manufacturer: Width140cm x Height150cm x Depth110cm
3. Dimensions of the inverter: W68cm x H120cm x D25cm (26.8”x47.2”x9.8”), 84kg (185 lbs)
4. Ambient temperature: – 20 to + 40 Celsius
5. Humidity: Max 90%


[C] Working Space Requirements for Battery:

1. Indoors (NOT waterproofed for outdoors)
2. Ambient temperature: 0 to +40 Celsius
3. Humidity: Max 85%
4. Working space required by manufacturer: Width100cm x Height80cm x D160cm
5. Floor must be flat and withstands the weight of 110kg (242 lbs)
6. Dimensions of the battery: W55.15cm x H60cm x D58cm (26.8”x23.6”x22.8”), Weight 110kg (242 lbs)


[D] Overall Footprint for System


[E] Internet Connection:

1. High speed internet connection