Meet Watt, Our New Online Assistant

Meet Watt, Our New Online Assistant

Oshawa, Ontario – Oshawa Power is excited to announce the launch of its newest improvement initiative, an online virtual assistant called Watt.

Oshawa Power is adapting to the desire for flexibility of the Oshawa community by integrating innovative technology into its customer services. Watt is a ChatBot housed on the Oshawa Power site and is available 24/7 to support after-hours inquiries and customers’ preferences for online connection and account management.

Watt, the Virtual Assistant, helps users by serving up the information they need without navigating through the entire website. Combining a virtual assistant with our MyOshawaPower customer portal enables customers to take control of their service experience. Customers determine how and when they want to interact and learn how to self-manage their accounts entirely.

“Oshawa Power is focused on providing new and innovative ways to support our customers while maintaining our commitment to low rates. Responsiveness is a key indicator for satisfaction, and we are confident that including Watt as an additional means to connect with us will support our growing number of customers who prefer interacting with us online and after our traditional working hours.”

– Susanna Beckstead, VP Finance & Corporate Services

Feedback is critical for ongoing improvements and enhancements. Users are encouraged to submit their feedback directly within the tool.