District Energy Systems

District Energy Systems

EnerFORGE’s diversity in operations and ownership gives us a broad perspective in how to ensure the reliability that our customers require while maximizing profitability for our investors. Our approach towards operations and maintenance is integrated with our capital planning process to bring a seasoned industry skill that will consider your unique needs and vision. EnerFORGE will always carry the objective of minimizing life cycle costs and providing the most reliable solutions. EnerFORGE has a combination of operating and capital management experience, and direct experience designing, building and operating district energy solutions that utilize combined heat and power plant generation.

EnerFORGE has  experience in operating, owning, designing and constructing combined heat and power plants

EnerFORGE has further experience in operating, owning, designing and constructing combined heat and power plants and district energy solutions as well as facilitating distributed grid connections, SCADA connections and processing PSUI incentive applications, DES applications and Connection Impact Assessments.

EnerFORGE has owned and operated a 2.4 megawatt natural gas fired co-generation plant which provides electricity and thermal energy to Durham College and the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology (“UOIT”) since 2008 and has since been integrated into one of Canada’s largest microgrids in Microgrid Research and Innovation Park.

Durham College CHP District Energy System, Oshawa – EnerFORGE conceptualized, designed, financed, constructed and owns and operates a high efficiency 2.4 MW combined heat and power generation system comprising district energy facilities and natural gas-fired cogeneration facilities.

Regent Park Energy Inc., Toronto – EnerFORGE designed the 4.2 MW Regent Park Energy Inc. CHP plant, under contract to the IESO utilizing CHPSOP and PSUI programs. This CHP is under construction. Collectively these plants comprise a network of over 9km of under ground piping and serve almost twenty distinct buildings. In addition, both CHP plants are integrated with supplemental boiler systems. Learn more about this District Energy Solution here.

Microgrid Research and Innovation Park – Conceptualized by EnerFORGE, Microgrid Research and Innovation Park at UOIT, to date, is the largest microgrid of its kind in Canada and also the largest provincially funded project ($3.89 million) from the Ontario’s Smart Grid Fund. This project involves integrating a 500 kW lithium ion energy storage system, 50 kW solar PV generation and micro grid controller/optimizer, integrated with Oshawa Power owned and operated 2.4 MW cogeneration (CHP) plant.

This grid connected microgrid will use automated digital information and communications technology to control the production and distribution of electricity to maximize efficiency between utilities and interconnected energy grids including distributed energy sources. The technology can constantly monitor the behaviour of electricity providers and consumers, and then act upon that information to enhance efficiency, security, reliability and safety with minimum environmental impacts. The microgrid will provide seamless transition to critical loads during grid interruptions that are isolated from the grid until overall power is restored.

Legends Centre, Oshawa – Optimized CHP sizing, wrote and submitted the PSUI Application, DES application and Connection Impact Assessment for a 600 kW CHP system.

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Legends Centre, Oshawa

**EnerFORGE is the legal trade name for Oshawa PUC Energy Services Inc.