COVID-19 Update April 20, 2020

COVID-19 Update April 20, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues we are very proud to report that Oshawa Power have had no incidents of COVID-19 among our staff. We will continue to remain vigilant and keep our barriers in place that keep our staff and the public safe. Public safety and employee safety will always be our top priority.

We hear you

The OEB announced this week that they were deferring implementing Summer Rates and the Summer Peak Time schedule. It was noticed however that the OEB plan to restore the Time of Use rates back to November 19, 2019 rates as of May 7, 2020. There has been some strong opinion expressed about this decision from Ontario ratepayers.

We want you to know that we hear you. We are taking steps to lobby the OEB and request an extension of the COVID-19 Rate Relief while families are still isolating at home. We are doing what we can to try to prevent the Rate Relief program from ending.

We are here

We continue to operate and serve our customers. We are here to work with you. If you have concerns about paying your bill, please contact us. We will work with you and find the best solution to meet your needs. For your convenience you can fill out a payment extension request form on our website and one of our Customer Service Representative will contact you.

Payment Extension Request

In the community

Our team continues to be connected to our communities within our industry and within the City of Oshawa. We wanted to let you know of some of the ways our employees are working to look after our community and our customers amidst the current circumstances.

Some of the initiatives, projects, and associations our employees are helping with (to name a few):

  • EDA – Participation in councils at the Electricity Distributors Association
  • Ontario Energy Board Workshops
  • Supporting the City of Oshawa’s project to increase security in the downtown via telecom solutions
  • Supporting Lakeridge Health in efforts to set up a mobile testing site
  • Providing telecom solution support to the Back Door Mission
  • Participated in the City’s Telephone Townhall for local businesses
  • Mayor’s Economic Recovery Task Force for the City of Oshawa
  • Using our supply chain to provide masks and PPE for community partners such as Carea, Community Living OC, Lakeridge Health & Carriage House
  • Downtown Oshawa BIA – Business Improvement Association
  • Participation on Committees of the IESO – Independent Electricity System Operator
  • Oshawa Chamber of Commerce

As we navigate through these uncertain times, Oshawa Power will be there to keep the power flowing. As the Oshawa community comes together to support each other, be assured that Oshawa Power will be there to support Oshawa residents, frontline workers, and their employees to get through this pandemic.