Cost of Service Survey

Oshawa Power is your local distribution company (LDC) and we provide safe and reliable electricity to approximately 58,000 customers in the city of Oshawa. As a regulated company in Ontario we are mandated to submit a Cost of Service application to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) if we require any changes to our customer service rates.

We are in the process of developing a comprehensive capital and operational investment plan called a Distribution System Plan (DSP) which is an important component for our Cost of Service application going to the Ontario Energy Board.

We have created a seven chapter survey designed to help us understand our customer priorities as they relate to subjects such as: safety, equipment replacement, infrastructure maintenance & upgrades, etc. Understanding our customer priorities helps us to maintain policies and plans to keep rates low. With your input we will be able to create a DSP based on our customers’ needs and maintain the quality service and reliability you have come to expect.

We’ve partnered with UtilityPULSE to collect and analyze the data, who will ensure individual responses remain confidential. You will see each chapter listed below. We encourage you to complete as many in the series as you can.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


Ivano Labricciosa President & CEO Oshawa Power

Chapter One – About the Company

Providing feedback about the company’s vision, mission, values and standards (4-6 minutes)

Chapter Two – The Electricity Industry, Your LDC and You

Learning how the electricity systems works and Oshawa Power’s role in it (3-5 minutes)

Chapter Three – Strategies, Policies & Standards

Helping us understand customer priorities which affect costs (5-7 minutes)

Chapter Four – Billing & Outages

Providing insights about billing and outages (6-8 minutes)

Chapter Five – Issues, Technology, Considerations for the Future Coming Soon

Helping us prioritize capital investments in the electricity grid to keep it safe and reliable (6-8 minutes)

Chapter Six – Issues, Technology, Considerations for the Future Coming Soon

Helping us determine changes or enhancements needed in our Customer Care operations (6-8 minutes)

Chapter Seven – You, Your LDC and the Future Coming Soon

Evaluating various proposed capital investments and operational changes which affect your costs (7-9 minutes)

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