Oshawa Power’s COVID-19 Response FAQs

Oshawa Power’s COVID-19 Response FAQs

1. What measures has Oshawa Power taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Oshawa Power staff are working in our offices and in in your neighbourhoods, ready to serve you. Our industry is very safety focused, always putting three (3) barriers between the worker and the hazard. Barriers include limit of approach, personal protective equipment, and adjusting procedures. This proven safety practice has been adapted to protect our workers from the hazard of COVID – 19.

Additional measures are work-from home options where applicable, additional office deep cleaning, workstation relocation, social distancing, limit visitors to the office, and conduct virtual meetings.

Oshawa Power will continue with day-to-day customer service, design projects, construction and customer projects so long as we can do so while respecting the safety guidelines put in place by Government and Public Health officials.

2. When will Oshawa Power adjust the Time of Use rates to help support people who are self-isolating at home?

Time-of-use rates are set and governed by the Ontario Energy Board. It’s a ‘pass-through’ charge we collect, without markup, on behalf of suppliers. Learn more here: https://oeb.ca/rates-and-your-bill/electricity-rates/understanding-your-electricity-bill

+3. I have had to significantly reduce my operating hours or closed my business altogether. With the reduction in income, I may not be able to pay my hydro bill. Will you disconnect my service?

+4. Is Oshawa Power able to respond to power outages if needed in a timely manner?

+5. Where can I find out more information about current power outages?

+6. I have recently been laid off due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Is there any assistance I can receive to help pay my bill?

+7. How can we contact Oshawa Power?

8. What is being done to support households and businesses with increased electricity usage during this COVID-19 outbreak?

The government of Ontario has extended emergency rate relief for time-of-use electricity customers until May 31, 2020. Households, farms and small businesses paying TOU electricity rates will continue to be charged the lowest price, known as the off-peak electricity rate, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until May 31, 2020.

Starting June 1, 2020, the government of Ontario has introduced a “COVID-19 Recovery Rate” of 12.8¢/kWh for TOU Regulated Price Plan (RPP) customers to provide stability and predictability for families, small businesses and farms. This rate is equal to the forecasted average RPP supply cost, calculated November 1, 2019. This rate, subject to approvals, is intended to be in effect until October 31, 2020.

+9. That’s a big price increase on June 1. Won’t that create hardship if people have not gone back to work yet?

+10. The province just announced that schools will remain closed until the end of the current school year. Why are you increasing prices on June 1 when kids will still be at home?

+11. Small businesses are already struggling, is it fair to increase the price of electricity when they are just starting to reopen after being closed for two months?

+12. Why is the off-peak rate only intended to be extended until May 31? Does this mean that social distancing practices will be over by then?

+13. How will the off-peak rate appear on bills?

+14. Would the new COVID-19 Recovery Rate be automatically applied to customer bills?

+15. Will the COVID-19 Recovery Rate have an impact on customer bills?

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