Moving out of Oshawa area?

    Here are the steps you need to take to close your account.
    1Fill in the form to close account to advise us of the final service date.
    2Don’t forget to fill in:
    • Forwarding address
    • Final service date
    • Lawyer information if the property has been sold or Landlord information if you are a tenant

    It's important to give us at least 10 business days advance notice that you'd like to open, close or update your account. This will ensure that your account information is accurate, that the electricity is on when you move into your new home or that your account is closed when you move out.

    When a moving request is made after the moving date, we will process the request as effective on the date we receive it. Oshawa Power is not able to process move requests retroactively.

    Any monies owing and/or security deposits will be refunded on final bill mailed to forwarding address provided.

    If you are moving in less than 10 days or prefer to speak with a Customer Service Representative please call 905-723-4623


    Step 1 - Add Customer Information

    If the property listed above has renewable generation assets (i.e. rooftop solar), please click here to view our FAQ regarding the contract transfer process.


    Step 2 - Identification Information

    Previous Address (where you are moving from)

    Forwarding Address

    Step 3 - Forwarding Address Information

    Your request will not be processed unless a valid forwarding address is provided. If your forwarding address is in Oshawa and you want your account transferred to the new address please stop using this form. Back out of this form and select the Transfer Service form. Thank you.