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October 8, 2019

Oshawa, ON – Oshawa Power is currently creating their five-year infrastructure investment plan and are seeking direct customer input. The plan will determine where investments needs to be made to provide a reliable, safe, progressive and modern distribution system.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) requires electricity distributors to include customer feedback outlining their expectations and opinions on investments and development plans in infrastructure and services.

Oshawa Power has created an online survey designed to help understand their customer’s priorities as they relate to subjects such as: safety, reliability, equipment replacement, facilities, infrastructure maintenance, upgrades, etc. Results from the survey will help create a Distribution System Plan for 2020-2025 based on their customers’ needs, while maintaining the quality of service and reliability Oshawa residents have come to expect.

As part of their customer engagement plan, Oshawa Power has several customer outreach events planned:

  • Oshawa Power will host a telephone town hall with residential customers on October 28, 2019
  • A public town hall meeting will take place on November 5, 2019 at the McLaughlin Library
  • A visit to the Oshawa Seniors Community Centres – John St. branch on November 6, 2019
    Oshawa Power will be hosting information booths at various library locations throughout November

“It’s important to involve our customers in the planning process so we know that our priorities and our customers’ priorities are aligned. We want our customers to have a say in how money is spent and to learn about our planning process. Ultimately, we are here to serve our customer and provide a safe and reliable electricity supply.” says Ivano Labricciosa, President and CEO, Oshawa Power.

For those who complete the survey, Oshawa Power is expressing their gratitude by offering the opportunity to win one of five (5) $200 prepaid credit cards, or you can help support your community by choosing to have Oshawa Power donate $5 to a local charity.

“We appreciate that everyone has busy lives and wanted to say thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. We decided to do something a little different by offering customers the opportunity to have a donation sent to one of the three local charities that serve our community. We need to support the community that supports us”, continues Labricciosa.

The three charities Oshawa Power has chosen to support are:

  • Durham Outlook for the Needy – a volunteer run organization consisting of a soup kitchen (St. Vincent’s Kitchen) and food bank
  • Simcoe Hall Settlement House – started in 1935 dedicated to aiding and improving the lives of less advantaged children, families and vulnerable adults
  • YWCA Durham – provided emergency shelter and longer term housing, counselling and resources for women and children experiencing domestic violence for over 70 years

“YWCA Durham must fundraise to offer the many programs we do, from emergency shelter to housing to counselling, and so we are very grateful to Oshawa Power for the chance to spread the word about what we do and receive valuable funds that will be put to good use in this community”, says Debra Mattson, Communications and Fund Development Manager, YWCA Durham.

Oshawa Power invites all residents and businesses to participate in the survey and public events. The survey will be open from October 1, 2019 through November 30, 2019 and can be accessed on their website

For more information please reach out to Sheila Risorto, Marketing and Communications Analyst, Oshawa Power at

Oshawa Power is Seeking Customer Input on their 2020-2025 Investment Plan PDF

Media Contact:
Sheila Risorto
Marketing and Communications Analyst
Oshawa Power
905-723-4626 ext 5243

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October 2, 2019

Oshawa, ON – On the heels of winning the Electrical Safety Authority’s (ESA) Worker Safety Award last week Oshawa Power was presented the Recognition of Performance Achievement milestone award from Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) for achieving over 500,000 no lost time hours.

Described on the IHSA website this award program recognizes IHSA member firms that have achieved a specific number of work hours (based on their firm size) without a lost-time injury (LTI). In addition, Oshawa Power has achieved and maintained their Certificate of Recognition (COR™) status with IHSA for 5 years running. COR™ is a national standard for recognizing a well-functioning health and safety management system.

“At Oshawa Power we have a very strong safety culture. We continuously go above and beyond industry standards and pride ourselves on being leaders. There is nothing more important than ensuring our crews get home to their families safely every day. We work safe to keep our community safe.” says Ivano Labricciosa, President and CEO, Oshawa Power.

Oshawa Power will be at community events to help educate the public about powerline safety. Their next public safety awareness event is November 21, 2019 -their annual Contractor Safety Day. If you are a contractor and would like to participate in this event please email .

About Oshawa Power
Oshawa Power provides safe, reliable and efficient electricity distribution services to over 59,000 customers in the City of Oshawa. For more information visit

Media Contact

Sheila Risorto
Marketing and Communications Analyst
905-723-4626 ext 5243

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September 27, 2019

Oshawa, ON – Yesterday, the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) held its Annual Meeting and Ontario Electrical Safety Awards celebrating achievements in electrical safety. Awards were presented in the categories of Worker Safety, Consumer and Home Safety and Powerline Safety. Award recipients illustrated that electrical safety is a shared responsibility, touching all individuals and organizations across the province.

“At ESA we recognize the role continued education plays in increasing awareness and prevention of electrical safety hazards,” says Dr. Joel Moody, Chief Public Safety Officer, ESA. “The safety leaders we honoured today have demonstrated that training can have far-reaching effects on the public at large for many generations to come. We share their remarkable accomplishments with the hope that others will strive to make their own contribution to making a safer Ontario.”

Oshawa Power was proud to accept the 2019 Worker Safety Award. Oshawa Power’s commitment to safety is demonstrated through efforts brought not only to their staff internally, but contractors outside of Oshawa Power.

Oshawa Power offers continuous safety training and resources to our staff, resulting in a safety record that boasts over 500, 000 hours with no lost time injuries. In addition to a Joint Health and Safety Committee, there is an executive sponsored Ergonomic Change Team and a Wellness Committee in place.

Oshawa Power reaches beyond their own employee group to ensure public safety.   Contractors performing work for or with Oshawa Power must attend a Health and Safety orientation before they can begin work, ensuring our contractors are working to our high safety standards.

Oshawa Power also reaches out to the contractor community through their Contractor Safety Day. Contractor Safety Day brings together local contractors and businesses for a half day to review the dangers of working around powerlines and when to engage the utility for assistance when completing their work.

“Worker safety is paramount in every task we do because of the level of danger our team is exposed to everyday. We go above and beyond the standards for our staff to ensure the public is safe and our crews go home safely everyday to their families. I am extremely proud of our team for fostering a safety culture that is second to none.” says Ivano Labricciosa, CEO Oshawa Power.

Look for Oshawa Power at community events helping to educate the public about powerline safety. Their next public safety awareness event is November 21, 2019 for their annual Contractor Safety Day. If you would like to participate in this event please email .

Oshawa Power wins ESA Worker Safety Award


About Oshawa Power

Oshawa Power provides safe, reliable and efficient electricity distribution services to over 59,000 customers in the City of Oshawa. For more information visit


Media Contact
Sheila Risorto
Marketing and Communications Analyst
905-723-4626 ext 5243


September 5, 2019


OSHAWA, ONTARIO– In August 2018, Oshawa Power introduced their E-Mission Project to the residents of Oshawa at Autofest. This Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy is aimed at preparing our infrastructure, community, and customers for the electrification of transport.

As a kick off to the E-Mission strategy in 2018, Oshawa Power gathered and analyzed local EV usage and adoption data. Residents of Oshawa who owned an EV were encouraged to share their data and given a $25 credit on their Utility bill, (the average cost of charging an EV for one month), for participating in an online survey. 100% of EV owners surveyed by Oshawa Power reported that they would buy an EV again for their next vehicle purchase.

After 2 years at Autofest, Oshawa Power has been able to personally engage our community and gain valuable information for use in the planning of public charging and infrastructure planning.

By partnering with the EV Society, Oshawa Power was able to give residents an up-close look at several different makes and models of modern EVs. eCAMION Inc. provided an example of a charger by loaning us their newest “Jule” fast charging station for display. Volunteers from Oshawa Power and the EV Society were on hand to answer any questions about EV ownership and any potential impact to our power grid.

Oshawa Power volunteer, Lori Dafoe said, “Autofest has been a great venue for Oshawa Power to meet with car enthusiasts and educate them about electric vehicles. Many people are very surprised at the variety of EVs available in today’s market, everything from a small compact to a large SUV.”
Ministry of Transportation data indicates that electric vehicle purchases in Oshawa are growing substantially – almost tripling in the pasts 18 months!
To learn more about EVs, or to fill out the Oshawa Power survey visit: today.

Autofest Press Release

August 16, 2019 – The employees at Oshawa Power believe in giving back to the community where they live and work. For the second year in a row, employees got together to have a BBQ lunch as a fundraiser for Simcoe Hall Settlements House’s 2019 Backpack Program. Employees then brought in a backpack or cash to pay for their lunch.

Employees say, “It is a great cause right here in our community and that’s important to us. Simcoe Hall Settlement House does a great job organizing this, and we want to help them make sure that all children have the tools they need to learn”.

President and CEO, Ivano Labricciosa said, “The staff of eighty employees donated the food, volunteered their lunch hour to cook and serve their fellow employees and when it was all done, they collected 67 backpacks, several lunch bags, and $276.80 in cash to donate to the cause. I am extremely proud of the staff here at Oshawa Power, who willingly give back to the community by volunteering their time and/or making donations to help others. When called upon to help, employee response is always tremendous, and truly from the heart – they are an asset to the community”.

It has been reported that Toronto Hydro customers have been receiving text messages from an entity posing as Toronto Hydro asking them to accept an e-transfer.

Please be aware that these are not genuine and if you receive a text like this, report to Canadian Anti-fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 (quote file #844396) & to Toronto Hydro using their online form:

Currently, we have had no reports of this happening to Oshawa customers.

Notice To all Customers:

As part of our commitment to provide the highest quality customer service we are upgrading our customer information systems beginning Friday June 28, 2019 at 4pm. The new system will improve our service and system reliability to you.

The upgrade will impact the availability of some of our self service functions in eCare, and our IVR system. Services not available during this migration are:
• Access to your online account
• Automated balance and payment history inquires through our phone system
• Time of Use Graphs will not populate

Upgrade Time Frame

Start: Friday June 28, 2019 at 4pm EST
Finish: Tuesday July 2, 2019 at 8:30am EST

We appreciate your patience during our technology upgrade and we look forward to continuing to service you in the future.

If you need to make a credit card please visit this website.

Have a safe and enjoyable long weekend. Happy Canada Day!

June 24, 2019 – OSHAWA – Oshawa Power held their annual general meeting on June 13, 2019. In attendance were Oshawa Power staff, board members, Oshawa city and regional Councillors, City of Oshawa staff, and Mayor Dan Carter.

“We are Oshawa Power” was the ongoing theme throughout the 2018 summary. Oshawa Power proudly displayed their accomplishments in the community, innovation, reliability, customer service and growth areas.

“Every day, Oshawa Power goes the extra mile to safely and reliably deliver electricity and energy-related services; provide the lowest residential distribution rates for power in Durham Region; grow the value of our company; and maintain a steady stream of revenue that our shareholder, the City of  Oshawa (the City), uses in delivering the services and infrastructure that make Oshawa a vibrant community.” Quoted from the annual report.

Oshawa Power declared an annual dividend payment for the City of Oshawa of $2.5 million, an increase from 2017’s $2.3 million.  An outstanding accomplishment considering recent government and regulatory changes. Oshawa Power is committed to maintaining its excellence customer service, exceptional value, and to continue being a truly great company.

Oshawa Power invites you to read their 2018 annual report and AGM Presentation 2019.

If you have any inquiries please reach out to Sheila Risorto 905-723-4626 extension 5243 or


SCAM ALERT! We have received reports from our customers that they have received calls from 1-800-948-5608 and the company represents themselves as Oshawa Power demanding payment.

This is NOT us – Oshawa Power does not have a 1-800 number. Do not engage with this company. Do NOT provide any personal information. If you are in doubt please call us at 905-723-4623.

If you receive this type of call please notify Durham Regional Police at 1-888-579-1520 or the Canadian Anti – Fraud Centre 1-888-495-8501 .

Respect the Power: Powerline Safety Awareness Week

May 11-17, 2019 urges Ontarians to be mindful of powerlines

Powerline Safety Awareness Week in Ontario is a time to be reminded of the importance of staying clear of overhead and underground powerlines, particularly when working, doing household chores or having fun outside.

Tragically every year people in Ontario are killed or critically injured from contact with powerlines and electrical utility equipment,” said Scott Saint, ESA’s Chief Public Safety Officer. “We need everyone to recognize and respect the power and take some simple, yet life-saving safety precautions.”

“As the Victoria Day long weekend approaches, I urge all Ontarians to take a moment to increase their own and their family’s powerline safety knowledge,” said David Orazietti, Minister of Government and Consumer Services. “Taking the time to learn more now can prevent a tragedy later.”

Five Ways to Respect the Power

    1. Locate the lines. Before starting any outdoor job whether at work or at home, first look up, look out and locate. Then keep track of where they are as you move around so you’re always mindful of the powerlines.
    2. Keep yourself and equipment a safe distance away.For the kind of powerlines that connect a house to the poles on the street, keep yourself and any equipment (ladders, pruners, tall vehicles, etc.) at least one metre away.  For the higher voltage lines that run down streets, stay at least three metres away.  Not only is making contact very dangerous but even coming close to the line can cause the electricity to jump or ‘arc’ through the air and contact you or your equipment.
    3. Never attach or drape anything on a powerline.Never brace a ladder against a line or near its point of contact to a building. Don’t run other lines like antennas or cables on or near powerlines. And never grab a line for balance when working at heights.
    4. Carry equipment horizontally. Carry ladders, pruners and other long equipment on their side, not vertically as they could connect or attract arcing from an overhead line.
    5. Plant trees away from overhead powerlines. If your trees have grown into or close to powerlines, contact your local utility. Do not trim trees around powerlines yourself. And call before you dig to ensure underground cables and other utility equipment are located and marked.

    For more tree trimming and landscaping tips, visit

    Test your Electrical Safety Knowledge with the below Myths& Facts:

    MYTH:  I’m just trimming tree limbs, I won’t be using a ladder so I don’t need to worry.

    FACT:   Anything that touches a powerline – a pruning tool, the tree limb or your hand can give you a shock, burn or kill you. Better idea: call an arborist or your local electric utility and have one of their trained arborists trim the tree for you safely.

    MYTH:  I’m just digging a couple of feet into the ground. I don’t need to worry about underground lines.

    FACT:  The lines may be closer than you think or a grading change may have occurred over time. Better to be safe than sorry. Call before you dig — it’s the law! Call Ontario One Call to get a cable locate.

    MYTH:  If a powerline falls on my car, I should get out and run to safety right away.

    FACT:  The car and the ground around it may be electrified and you could be killed if you get out of the vehicle. Stay inside until the utility workers tell you it’s safe to get out. Tell everyone to stay back 10 metres or 33 feet.

    MYTH:  To get a shock or burn, I need to actually touch a powerline.

    FACT:  Just getting too close could cause you to receive a severe shock, burn or even kill you. Electricity can jump or ‘arc’ through the air to you or an object that gets too close. Always stay at least three metres or 10 feet away from powerlines.

    MYTH:  I can use a wooden stick to prop up a powerline or to knock down a toy that’s tangled in a powerline.

    FACT:  Even wood can conduct electricity. Never touch or come close to a powerline. Contact your local utility if you need assistance.

    MYTH:  A powerline that’s been knocked down doesn’t have electricity flowing through it, so it’s safe to be near it or move it out of the way.

    FACT:  Always assume a downed powerline still has electricity flowing through it, even if it isn’t sparking. Stay back at least 10 metres or 33 feet (that’s about the length of a school bus), call 911 and the local utility.

    For more Myths & Facts & other Powerline Safety connect to the following:

    How dangerous are overhead power lines? – Lucky the Squirrel learns the hard way how dangerous overhead power lines can be, in the below link to ESA’s video.

    #RespectThePower #PowerlineSafetyWeek